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You can expect a great deal from steripac.

steripac can offer you anything and everything you would expect from a packaging partner. We are large enough to take on important, difficult or time-critical projects, but remain very customer-focused. We take a great deal of time talking to our customers, with the aim of understanding their needs, objectives and opportunities.

Choosing an outsourcing partner should actually be quite straightforward. If and when a company opts for a partnership with steripac, over time this partnership evolves and the first project usually ends up being the beginning of a long-term customer relationship.

Management: Two Managing Partners with longstanding experience

Martin Hutzler has been a managing partner and technical director at steripac since 2002.

His passion in the field was already evident many years ago when he founded a company called Vialog Medikalprodukte GmbH in 1992. As managing partner, he carried out the development, manufacturing and distribution of medical products.


Evelyn Schucker has been responsible for commercial management at steripac since 2002.

Prior to this, she spent 14 years in the management of Lipac GmbH, which formed the basis of steripac in 2002 as a result of a management buy-out. With this experience, Evelyn is now the specialist for process planning, validation and distribution in the company.


Employees: interdisciplinary, effective, responsible.

We are a highly motivated and experienced team. Apprentices and younger employees benefit from the knowledge and experience of their long-serving colleagues at steripac.

We work in an interdisciplinary environment – the comprehensive technical expertise and precise operation of our team is what convinces our customers of our service. Scientists such as biologists and chemists, together with quality managers, sales people, technicians and engineers make up the project teams. They meet the requirements of our customers with an interdisciplinary approach which is highly convincing in terms of security, user-friendliness and cost effectiveness. The required standards and rules are never ignored.

We are effective and take responsibility. A project manager who leads the communication and cooperation with the customer moderates every project team. This makes us an effective partner which reacts quickly to new requirements and promptly provides feedback to customers about ongoing projects. We keep new rules, norms and regulations in mind and independently make areas of vulnerability in the production process and validations known. Our forward-thinking approach to our customers’ main tasks gives them a strong sense of security.

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