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We are a leading production partner in cleaning, assembling, packaging and sterilising medical technology products and offer an array of innovative services. We like to stay in close contact with our customers, advising them on developments over the entire lifecycle of their products. Our continuous efforts are based on creating solutions that best meet our customers’ high security demands.

Our promise to uphold security includes the cleanliness, sterility and stability as well as the maintenance of all standards necessary for documentation and validation. It involves the selection of appropriate procedures and technologies as well as stable and continuous processes that result in economic and timely solutions.

This is what makes us a reliable partner for innovative companies and research institutions.

Concept Partner

We are a concept partner that develops complete solutions for cleaning, assembling, sterilising and packaging.


Validation Partner

As a validation partner, we provide rule-compliant procedures and documentation.


Production Partner

The core of our company is production. We work in modern cleanrooms with high-tech systems.


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