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Concept Partner

If you are looking to find comprehensive solutions for the complete sterilisation process of pharmaceutical or medical technology products, then we are the right partner for you.

In order to develop cleaning, assembly, packaging and sterilisation solutions, all we need are two things: your product and your requirements. Both form the basis of the concept design.

In the product analysis phase, the primary focus is on the materials used, the geometric shape, the output load with bioburden and particles as well as the pre-processes. Even at this early stage, we carry out risk analyses and develop worst-case scenarios with appropriate response strategies.

The requirements and specifications stipulated by our customers relate, among other things, to durability, the type of packaging, the medical field of application and the applicable standards and regulations. We meticulously factor in all these points when developing solutions. We always consider our customers’ budgets, which – having weighed up all the costs and benefits – we implement to the best of our ability.

Our analyses serve a single objective: the selection of an appropriate cleaning and sterilisation process and the development of optimal packaging. The packaging is designed using 3D CAD software. The ideal installation of the product, its practical handling and safe removal as well as tamper-evident closures are decisive. Where appropriate and desired by the customer, we develop folded boxes and cardboard packaging as a protective covering. And of course our packaging solutions meet the highest standards in terms of design and aesthetics.


Once we have decided on a solution, we subject it to the first quality inspection based on extensive pre-tests and simulation procedures. Packaging solutions are checked on the computer for function and fit; sample packaging is then exposed to accelerated aging; finally, it is tested for microbial impermeability. Complete shipping units are also subjected to mechanical stress tests.

Our technicians begin implementing the concepts as soon as these tests have been passed.

We use standard processes where applicable. Increasingly, however, our customers are requesting individual solutions. Complex products, for example, require individual trays for cleaning, which we construct and finalise in-house. This also applies to the device structures for assembling as well as special tools for packaging. Our technicians also develop appropriate methods for marking and labelling products.

Last but not least, we focus our efforts on a coherent concept for planning and dispatching. It takes into account the demand for and the delivery and storage of auxiliary and packaging materials, as well as the packaging and shipping of the products to the end user.

Our team takes full responsibility at each stage of this conceptual partnership. We therefore not only want to provide a secure medical product, as our ambition and high demands continue: we seek to contribute to the market success of our customers while strengthening their competitiveness.

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